Addubby was born out of necessity, with the intention of giving tourists, from any location in the world, a way to know and experience typical recipes and easy meals of the country they’re visiting in an smart and detailed way.

Specially designed for the food and restaurant related businesses Addubby allows you to manage orders, from the simplest to the most structured, simplifying the customer-waiter and cash flow processes.

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Troveme (in Italian ‘Trovami’) wants to be a solid solution to the problem of indoor localization by giving a user the opportunity to determine and ‘certify’ their presence within a specific area.

Catering sectors, multistorey buildings and cultural-scientific activities are places where Troveme turns out to be THE ideal tool for verifying public access.

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Aquarius is a project where different purposes all have a common final objective: spark attention towards marine fauna and flora safeguard. To achieve that, latest technologies and custom tools are employed to collect the required data.

The project is currently under development and we will update the current section as soon as we decide that is time to show it to the public..


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