Enterprise software

Riolabs focuses on the development of custom applications for business clients and companies.

Main purpose of a company software (whether managerial, news publishing or production control that it can be) is that it MUST solve problems, simplify processes and finally improve the company’s productivity.

If the software it’s tailor-made for a specific problem to be solved,then the software will be the one to adapt to the production process of the Customer and not the other way around.

Mobile software development

As mentioned earlier, Riolabs team develops applications for companies mobile devices since 2009. Development cover both major environments (Android and iOS) and it’s white labelled (i.e. on behalf and in the name of the Customer) which allows the Customer itself presence in the major stores without having to build an internal team but appearing in ‘first person’.
We have all the required experience and skills to work side by side with the Client through all the development stages:

  • Initial analysis of the applications targets
  • Verification of feasibility and evaluation of device features and market trends to suggest which steps to take onward

Embedded and electronic devices

We also develop integrated solutions E2E as well as designing and programming of specific electronic devices aimed at IoT, M2M and Physical Computing applications.

Among the services provided that best represent the potential of Riolabs’s Embedded division the IoT system for printing orders integrated in Addubby and the system of certification of proprietary indoor localization are worth to mention.

Last but not least, and to complete the IoT and embedded experience, we have remote supervision applications, production data collection systems, wireless gateways (ZigBee, BLE, Z-Wave) for setting up IoT / M2M platforms, development of device drivers firmware for sensors interfacing, custom controllers and actuators up to the development of native firmware for the execution of dedicated hardware’s specific functions.


In the field of electronic design, Riolabs designs, builds, programs and tests customized boards for the most diverse needs, ranging from industrial controllers for monitoring and control of industrial machinery up to the creation of wearable devices, capable of interacting with smartphones, tablets and Internet services.


Riolabs has a long experience in consulting and project development at the customer’s office.
This provides the customer several advantages:

  • on-the-job training
  • in-house maintenance of the knowledge acquired on the whole developed work
  • on site consultant presence not just for the assigned task but also for strategic advice
  • direct control over the whole development process
  • simpler and effective specifications transfer procedure

Our consultants are divided in two main categories: Junior and Senior Consultants.

Riolabs offers both consultancy and project development services.

Counseling is certainly more interesting when you want to keep both the knowledge and control over the project development stage or future projects.

It is the most practical solution in case, for example, of an internal technical personnel who can team up with Riolabs personnel both to receive training and lead the analysis process of the current situation.

Long-term consultancy is also fruitful when, in the opposite situation, there is no in-house technical staff and ‘always available’ technical assistance and development personnel are required.

Project outsourced software development is instead useful when, while wanting to maintain a control over the product system, the needs and the technical and functional specifications are clear, and a turnkey product as final target.

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