Since 2019, Riolabs keeps standing still between Client and Technology.

As a multi-disciplinary company, Riolabs teams is focused on integrating systems, technologies and skills in its products.
Each client requires a personalized solution which is the result of a solid multi-annual experience as well as a constant technological update.

The different company areas

Each problem has its own solution and each development platform requires its own specific technology. Riolabs team skills can cover different fields and systems.

Infact, via Microsoft Stack infrastructure, we develop:

  • Mobile applications for iOS/Android platforms
  • Node.js applications
  • Devices based on microcontrollers
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • non-SQL based sistems such as MongoDB, Redis and Arango

Finally, we use Docker and cloud-based systems such AWS, Azure, Google and OVH.

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