Years of experience in the field of .NET development for leading companies, experience on the main database systems, mobile development for iOS, Android and, of course, Windows Phone, are integrated with a recognized leadership in the design and construction of components, boards and hardware equipment of the ‘last generation’

What our clients say

‘After many failed attempts, i have finally seen The Future, and as far as i can see It’s Troveme-Shaped’

Mariella Porsegna, CPK CORP.

‘We offer a large selection of dishes each with its own flavours and taste. Addubby helped us to create our  recipes database as well as offering a responsive service at the table’

Alessandro Meroini, 'PASTOMATTO' Restaurant

‘I was looking for a manageable and visually appealing software to organize our recipes and follow all the clients orders and Addubby has been a godsend’


‘Troveme makes it easy to geolocalize where you are and authenticate that. This helps you plan ahead and be more productive throughout the day’

Claudio Centopardi, Morville Pty. Ltd

‘Addubby helped us to take care of both all table and kitchen orders since the very first day we implemented it’

Jessica Sellerini, Bibimbap Palace

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