Addubby was born out of necessity, with the intention of giving worldwide tourists a way to know and experience specialties and easy meals of the country they’re visiting in an smart, detailed way allowing them to choose the dishes in a conscious way and overcome linguistic, cultural obstacles in absolute, total autonomy

Specially designed for the food and restaurant related businesses Addubby allows you to manage orders, from the simplest to the most structured, simplifying the customer-waiter experience as well as all the cash flow processes.

Addubby is also a web portal where registered users, restaurateurs and customers can find detailed information about dishes and recipes, from historical notes to nutritional facts, and restaurants available in the area of interest.



On the restaurateur side there are less steps to take compared to the client order process, still there are several responsabilities going on such as quick preparation and delivery times, ingredients quality and availability to mention a few.

At disposal of the restaurateur and kitchen/room staffs, have Addubby’s ‘CashDesk’ side app which allow, as the name partially suggest, to monitor table, placed orders and payments statuses.

All that’s needed to do is to click on each of the icons that rappresent an active table with guest/s and utilize the notification system to, firstly, accept or reject orders and secondly to send the payment order and then accept it once its confirmed by the client/s.

Additional features are available on CashDesk such as the ability to mark one or more ingredients as not-available at the moment.

The clients then gets notified, in real-time, by presenting a choice where to proceed or not with the choice, knowing that one or more ingredients contained in one or more dishes might be missing and that would result in one or more dishes to taste not exactly how they should.


Depending the actual location of the client/s, the order placement process it’s initiated either by clicking the QRCode on the right-corner of Addubby’s website or scanning the QRCode that’s present on the table where the client/s is/are sitting at.

After the QRCode has been scanned, a new order process is started or, in case there’s an on-going order in place, the new client joins the currently active guestlist.

The client then proceeds to pick up a single or a selection of dishes between the ones available from menu or can choose one of the menus proposed by the restaurant and, once satisfied with the choices, sends the order in for the kitchen personnel to prepare it.

Once the order is confirmed, the next available step is the payment one where the client decides if it has to be made via app or in cash.

Finally after the payment gets confirmed, the order process is initiated and delivered at the table when ready.


For the restaurateur

For the client


Some of the current features available within Addubby:


Anyone can register and access Addubby for free: private citizens, restaurateurs, public and / or private entities.

The use of data and services is accessible to all.

As for restaurant and food businesses owners, Addubby utilizes subscription plans.

For a launch period to be defined it will be possible to prepare free digital menus Subscription based on consumption at the price of € 0.20 per order.

After the registration process, the restaurateur will be able to log in and implement information on the business including opening hours and location, details about the dishes such as description (and where as possible tradition (history) and/or curiosity that characterize them in a certain location rather than in another), photos, complete list of ingredients (which is useful to calculate nutritional values) as well as allergens related informations if any.

The recipes may also contain, at the discretion of the publisher, the implementation procedure.

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