Troveme (in Italian ‘Trovami’) wants to be a solid solution to the problem of indoor localization by giving a user the opportunity to determine and ‘certify’ their presence within a specific area. Catering sectorsand cultural-scientific activities are places where Troveme turns out to be THE ideal tool for verifying public access.

What Troveme does then?

Troveme target isn’t people or things localization as the system ONLY tells that a certain device, such as the user’s smartphone for example, is close or inside a certain area where a localization device, configured for such place, is located.

Purpose of the project is to prove that a person, or more correctly your device (smartphone) is within a certain area and precisely one closed space where the GPS either does not work or does not have the necessary reliability.

Besides, authentication also isn’t managed by external, specific system which purpose is to verify user’s identity. Also, there are cases where the GPS is not enough to be punctual and locating a user within a restricted area, such as a shop or restaurant in one meter, or a room in a building, will require you a reference within the structure.

“So Troveme is a localization system?”

ABSOLUTELY NOT!. Troveme purpose isn’t localizing things or people. It must limit itself to say that a certain device (i.e. user’s smartphone) is located near or within a certain area where one or more configured (for the area) location devices are located.

User Case Scenarios

In general, the system is used by users, customers, but is aimed at companies, business, so it falls into the category of B2B services.In general the cases of the use systems examined mostly concern public access contexts. Home automation for private contexts is an exception.

Note: The system does not have to be an authentication system. Authentication must be managed by separate systems having the purpose of verifying user’s identity.

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